1+1 Partnership Program

1+1 Partnership Program

Affiliate program that provide the customer an additional 100% of the funds to the account of the broker. Charging is carried out in stages to 10%. Each subsequent charging is carried out only after making the previous lots.

Terms of the partnership program:

  1. The customer needs to perform business volume of 100 lots per 1000 of the deposit.
  2. Calculation of the next phase (10%) only after execution of this bonus.
    Example: On account 10 000 clients funds. The company provides the client with 10,000 funds according to the program 1 + 1. Charging is carried out in the following way: 10 stages of 1000 from the company.
    Stage 1 - 1000 charged with working off 100 lots.
    Stage 2 - 1000 charged with working off 100 lots, after a complete working out of the first stage (that is, to implement the 100 lots on the customer's account) with the first bonus is fully transferred to the client's funds.
  3. Withdrawals from the account is available only when the current phase of mining lots.
    3.1. If the customer to withdraw funds during the current stage are not fulfilled the agreed number of items, the company removes the current bonus and resets the current detention. In such a case, the decision to accrue the next phase, the company reserves.
  4. The customer receives an additional - 36% per annum (* subject)
    • 3% are charged monthly for the full month in which the account was money and have been traded. In less than a month charging is not conducted.
    • Interest calculation is conducted on the Equity Account on the last day of the reporting month. Equity = sum of available funds in the account - (loan + deposit in the current month). Funds received on the account in the reporting month, per do not participate.
    • If a customer brings any funds from the account or close the account in the reporting month - interest on the account is not charged.
    • Interest is charged to the account in the case where a transaction has committed the sum of more than 3 (three) full of lots for every 1000 + available funds The funds from the company.



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