Double Hit Program

Double Hit Program

Affiliate program provides the customer an additional 100% of the funds to the account from the broker.

  • The customer has the possibility to operate with a capital of 2 times bigger than the original.
  • The company's interest is to increase by 100% customer funds - to raise twice the volume of trading.
  • Affiliate program applies to customers with accounts of 10 000 USD, 15 000 USD and 20 000 USD.

Terms of the partnership program:

  1. Prerequisites.
    1.1. The parties (the client and the company) do not withdraw funds from the account at least 6 months from the date of signing the agreement (withdrawal is available only after 6 months if condition on the count of used items done).
    1.2. If the client breaks the contract early (even when the desired count of items), the company has the right to withdraw the deposit provided and retain 50% of the profits, as provided half of the deposit.
  2. For testing of deposit 10,000 1,000 companies deposit - 130 lots, the total number of 1300 items
    If the deposit of 15 000 working out 1000 Deposit Company - 100 lots, the total number of 1500 items
    If the deposit of 20 000 working out 1000 Deposit Company - 90 lots, the total number of 1800 items
  3. At the end of the minimum investment term (6 months) performing more than half turnover of transactions on the position (if in 1500, the 751 transaction), the customer can remove one-time 100% of the profit before out the total number of transactions laid without removing the deposit company.
  4. Reinvestment after the first 6 months as a deposit and return on the following 6 months after the conclusion of the reinvestment agreement, the company will pay 5% on the amount of reinvestment without working off items as a reward for successful mutually advantageous cooperation.
  5. The customer receives an additional - 36% per annum (* subject)
    • 3% are charged monthly for the full month in which the account was money and have been traded. In less than a month charging is not conducted.
    • Interest calculation is conducted on the Equity Account on the last day of the reporting month. Equity = sum of available funds in the account - (loan + deposit in the current month). Funds received on the account in the reporting month, per do not participate.
    • If a customer brings any funds from the account or close the account in the reporting month - interest on the account is not charged.
    • Interest is charged to the account in the case where a transaction has committed the sum of more than 3 (three) full of lots for every 1000 + available funds The funds from the company.


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