Double Hit Program

Double hit partnership program (DHPP) is an agreement by which the broker adds 100% to the client’s investment on the trading account, so that trading funds are doubled.

- The client has the opportunity to deal 2 times bigger amount than owns and earn 2 times bigger profits.
- The company expects the double spread paid by two times higher volumes (client’s and company’s funds) traded.
- Eligible clients for DHPP are those whose funds on trading accounts are: 10k, 15k or 20k currency units (c.u.). Default currency units considered USD.

Agreement conditions:

  1. The DHPP is a 6 months agreement.
    1.1. Nor the trader, neither the company will withdraw any funds before 6 months terms. Agreement’s 6 months terms start from the moment the contract is signed (withdrawal is available after 6 months while all the conditions are fulfilled).
    1.2. If the contract is terminated by the client before the expiration date (even if the required lots are performed), the company should keep half of the profit earned on the trading account, according to part of funds offered for trading.
  2. Required lots to be done:
    - for 10,000 USD trading account - the company offers 10,000 USD and requires 1,300 lots done, which means 130 lots for every 1,000 USD
    - for 15,000 USD trading account - the company offers 15,000 USD and requires 1,500 lots done, which means 100 lots for every 1,000 USD
    - for 20,000 USD trading account - the company offers 20,000 USD and requires 1,800 lots done, which means 90 lots for every 1,000 USD
  3. The client can withdraw the whole profit earned on the trading account, without termination of the agreement or other sanctions in case the trader performed more than a half of required lots for whole contract period, (for example 751 lot done of 1,500 lots required) just one time in the whole contract period of 6 months.
  4. After 6 months period the trader can apply for second 6 months period, which means he reinvests all trading funds (deposit + profit). In this case the company will pay 5% bonus of the second period contract amount without any lots required.
  5. The company still pays 36% *active deposit rate (a.d.r.) interest per annum (p.a.)
    • • 36% p.a. is divided by 3% per month fixed rate and paid every month for previous in case the conditions are performed:
      - a.d.r. performed
      - no withdrawal was done in considered month
      - funds have been deposited on the trading account for at least 1 calendar full month considered to payment. Any additional transfer/fundings are not considered to interest rate of the same month.
    • active deposit rate (a.d.r.) means deposit interest rate active after fulfilling activity conditions on trading account. Minimal activity conditions are considered 3 (three) lots per month performed (done) for every 1,000 c.u. of the total funds on the account, which means available funds + credited funds + earned profits.
    • the a.d.r. interest to be paid per month is calculated from equity on the trading account in the last day of the month reported. Equity means available funds on the trading account without credited funds and without deposited funds in the current month). The funds transferred to the account in the reporting month are not involved in the calculation.
    • If the client withdraws any funds from (excluding commissions, interest and cashback) the account or closes the account in the reporting month - no interest is accrued to the account.
    • The interest is accrued the account, in the case when it was used to make transactions with the amount of more than 3 (three) full lots for every 1000 of the available funds + Credit funds from Company.


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