Trading Account Insurance Program

Trading Account Insurance Program

Unique affiliate Trading Account Insurance Program means that any trader can hedge trading account from loss. If conditions of the affiliate program after 30 days is fulfilled and if there is a loss on the trading account then trader receives a guaranteed 100% compensation in the amount of losing trades.

Terms of the partnership program:

  1. The minimum account turnover for compensation - as many as 10 lots for every 1000 USD deposit within 30 days.
  2. The stop loss on every order is necessary (manual close position is possible but when you open order - the stop loss is necessary).
  3. In the case of loss after 30 days of trading the amount of compensation to the trading account from the Company will be 100% of the loss but no more than sum that replenished to the trading account within 30 calendar days.
  4. Within 30 days funds from the account are not subject of the withdrawal.
  5. Payment is calculated at the end of 30 days and only after the closure of all trading positions on the account.
  6. After paying compensation the client shall perform as many as 5 lots for every 1000 USD of the compensation amount.
  7. When all the conditions done client have to personally apply to the company's customer support department (appeal to the customer's personal account) for compensation.
  8. The compensation payment occurs only after the full implementation of the above conditions.
  9. The customer receives an additional - 36% per annum (* subject)
    • 3% are charged monthly for the full month in which the account was money and have been traded. In less than a month charging is not conducted.
    • Interest calculation is conducted on the Equity Account on the last day of the reporting month. Equity = sum of available funds in the account - (loan + deposit in the current month). Funds received on the account in the reporting month, per do not participate.
    • If a customer brings any funds from the account or close the account in the reporting month - interest on the account is not charged.
    • Interest is charged to the account in the case where a transaction has committed the sum of more than 3 (three) full of lots for every 1000 + available funds The funds from the company.


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