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.DJI Dow Jones Industrial Average 27 Apr 201824,311.19-11.15-0.05%
.IXIC Nasdaq Composite Index 27 Apr 20187,119.80----%
.NYA NYSE Composite Index 27 Apr 201812,594.02----%
.TRXFLDUSP Thomson Reuters Equity US Index 27 Apr 2018237.65+0.11+0.05%
.TRXFLDCAP Thomson Reuters Equity Canada Index 27 Apr 2018294.18+0.55+0.19%
.TRXFLDLAPU Thomson Reuters Equity Latin America 27 Apr 2018363.89+2.20+0.61%
.NIN NYSE International 100 Index 27 Apr 20185,686.41-0.82-0.01%
.NTM NYSE TMT Index 27 Apr 20188,433.88+30.47+0.36%
.NUS NYSE US 100 Index 27 Apr 201810,072.16+5.10+0.05%
.NWL NYSE World Leaders Index 27 Apr 20188,293.93+2.27+0.03%
.GSPTSE S&P/TSX Composite Index 27 Apr 201815,668.93----%
.XAX AMEX Composite Index 27 Apr 20182,609.70----%
.NWX AMEX Network Index 27 Apr 2018539.93+0.03+0.01%
.XMI AMEX Major Market Index 905 to 1000 27 Apr 20182,405.44-5.92-0.25%
.XOI AMEX Oil Index 27 Apr 20181,475.69-15.94-1.07%
.XAL AMEX Airline Index 300 TO 395 27 Apr 2018110.49+1.73+1.59%
.MXX MXSE IPC 27 Apr 201848,284.61----%
Last modified on Monday, 03 April 2017
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.TRXFLDEXPU Thomson Reuters Europe (ex UK & Ire) 7:26am EDT186.13-0.01-0.01%
.TRXFLDEEPU Thomson Reuters Em Mkt Europe 7:27am EDT300.49-0.45-0.15%
.TRXFLDGBP Thomson Reuters Equity UK Index 7:26am EDT148.08+0.53+0.36%
.TRXFLDDEP Thomson Reuters Equity Germany Index 7:27am EDT198.32+0.05+0.03%
.TRXFLDFRP Thomson Reuters Equity France Index 7:27am EDT183.19+0.41+0.22%
.FTSE FTSE 100 Index 7:42am EDT7,533.80+31.59+0.42%
.GDAXI DAX Index 7:43am EDT12,588.73+7.86+0.06%
.FCHI CAC 40 Index 7:43am EDT5,499.60+16.41+0.30%
.SSMI SMI Index 7:43am EDT8,874.45+31.43+0.36%
.SMSI Madrid General Index 7:57am EDT1,011.24+4.46+0.44%
.OMXSPI OMX Stockholm All Share Index 7:00am EDT577.45-1.93-0.33%
.OMXHPI OMX Helsinki All Share Index 7:57am EDT10,012.90+33.66+0.34%
.OMXC20 OMX Copenhagen 20 Index 7:57am EDT968.80-1.45-0.15%
.OSEAX Oslo Exchange All-share Index 7:27am EDT969.60-7.43-0.76%
.ISEQ ISEQ Overall Index 7:42am EDT6,821.11+22.73+0.33%
.AEX AEX Amsterdam Index 7:43am EDT554.60-0.34-0.06%
.BFX Bell 20 Index 7:43am EDT3,906.48-6.44-0.16%
.IBEX Ibex 35 Index 7:58am EDT9,971.20+45.80+0.46%
.BVLG PSI General 7:42am EDT3,099.86-2.26-0.07%
.STOXX50 STOXX 50 7:43am EDT3,079.54+2.27+0.07%
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.TRXFLDJPP Thomson Reuters Equity Japan Index 3:40am EDT155.54+0.00+0.00%
.TRXFLDHKP Thomson Reuters Equity HK Index 5:40am EDT335.69+5.37+1.63%
.TRXFLDINP Thomson Reuters Equity India Index 7:00am EDT1,328.51+7.26+0.55%
.N225 Nikkei Stock Average 225 27 Apr 201822,467.87+148.26+0.66%
.HSI Hang Seng Index 4:08am EDT30,808.45+527.78+1.74%
.AORD ASX All Ordinaries Index 2:38am EDT6,071.60+28.70+0.47%
.KS11 KOSPI Index 5:03am EDT2,515.38+22.98+0.92%
.STI Straits Times Index 5:10am EDT3,613.93+36.72+1.03%
.SETI SET Composite Index 5:54am EDT1,780.11+2.09+0.12%
.JKSE Jakarta Composite 5:11am EDT5,994.60+75.36+1.27%
.PSI PSE Composite Index 3:20am EDT7,819.25+98.23+1.27%
.KSE Karachi SE 100 Index 6:45am EDT45,488.86-53.92-0.12%
.SSEC Shanghai Composite Index 27 Apr 20183,082.18+7.15+0.23%
.TWII Taiwan SE Weighted Index 1:33am EDT10,657.88+104.45+0.99%
.BSESN S&P BSE Sensex 7:42am EDT35,160.36+190.66+0.55%
.HNX30 HNX 30 Index 26 Apr 2018227.44+3.95+1.77%
Last modified on Wednesday, 05 April 2017

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