Shanghai Composite Index

Shanghai Composite Index

Shanghai Composite Index

Today's Change-51.94(-1.59%)
Prev Close3,261.75

Day's High3,245.12
52-wk High3,305.43
Day's Low3,200.75
52-wk Low2,969.13

Aeolus Tyre Co Ltd7.89-0.05-0.632,835,967
Aerospace Communications Holdings Co Ltd15.09+0.10+0.6731,311,287
Aerosun Corp14.31+0.07+0.4911,226,994
Agricultural Bank of China Ltd3.65+0.01+0.27320,361,924
Air China Ltd9.11+0.04+0.4474,359,676
Aisino Co Ltd18.67-0.17-0.907,788,346
Aluminum Corp of China Ltd6.63-0.68-9.30616,650,919
Angel Yeast Co Ltd23.89+0.00+0.005,959,815
Anhui Chaodong Cement Co Ltd12.20+0.41+3.4813,203,100
Anhui Conch Cement Co Ltd23.65-0.70-2.8741,337,757
Anhui Expressway Co Ltd12.95-0.30-2.263,147,734
Anhui Fangxing Science&Technology Co Ltd7.98-0.32-3.868,896,921
Anhui Golden Seed Winery Co Ltd9.18-0.52-5.3655,893,936
Anhui Guotong Hi-Tech Pipes Industry Co Ltd16.05-0.19-1.17787,403
Anhui Heli Co Ltd10.54-0.29-2.684,450,574
Anhui Hengyuan Coal-Electricity Group Co Ltd11.15-1.24-10.0174,487,071
Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co Ltd9.48-0.13-1.358,015,258
Anhui Leimingkehua Co Ltd12.36------
Anhui Liuguo Chemical Co Ltd6.54-0.47-6.7019,926,102
Anhui Quanchai Engine Co Ltd8.78-0.19-2.123,729,257
Anhui Shanying Paper Industry Co Ltd4.51-0.22-4.65194,444,268
Anhui Sun-Create Electronics Co Ltd57.95-0.85-1.451,693,554
Anhui Tongfeng Electronics Co Ltd6.18+0.02+0.3214,470,776
Anhui Wanwei Updated High-Tech Material Industry Co Ltd4.37-0.21-4.5929,464,700
Anhui Water Resources Development Co Ltd7.52-0.19-2.4611,808,430
Anhui Xinhua Media Co Ltd12.36-0.44-3.4415,381,621
Anhui Xinke New Materials Co Ltd4.04------
Anxin Trust & Investment Co Ltd13.99-0.01-0.0727,198,620
Anyang Iron & Steel Inc4.55-0.25-5.21183,141,093
Anyuan Coal Industry Group Co Ltd4.74-0.40-7.7835,384,637

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